A two-masted sailing vessel, historically renowned for its role in maritime adventures, often laden with precious treasures.

Meet the Designer

Hello, my name is Justina, and I'm happy to share my passion for shiny things through Brigantine. I've been an artist my whole life, working as an environment designer for animated films full-time, and now moonlighting as a jeweler and fashion designer.

I love pearls for their unique shapes and luminosity. I'm always pushing myself to come up with new designs and enjoy experimenting with traditional and modern silhouettes.

When you order a piece of jewelry from me, I ensure to craft it with the utmost care and consideration. Every piece I put out into the world is special, handmade, and limited edition. Brigantine is one of the greatest joys of my life, and I'm so happy to share my vision and art with the world.

About Materials

I use the highest quality of responsibly sourced materials. My pieces are made with 14k Gold-Fill, Sterling Silver, Shells, and AAA Freshwater Cultured Pearls.

Sustainability Matters

Here's a little bit about my sustainability initiatives and how I model my business around sustainability.


You can find me mainly on Instagram at @brigantinejewelry where I post weekly content, sometimes hold giveaways, share photos/videos of my process and sneak peeks, ask for design advice, and other fun stuff.