Slow Fashion

Brigantine is a small, independent business. I make sustainable choices where possible. Here's a little bit about my sustainability initiatives and how I model my business around sustainability:


All of my jewelry is made with the long-term in mind, but ultimately will stand up to your usage. My jewelry should be cared for, and I include details for all my materials here

Gold-fill jewelry has up to 100 times more gold than gold-plated jewelry. Gold-fill is a quality option that won't break the bank but still offers a decent lifetime for the piece. It is more durable than plated jewelry and won't tarnish as quickly or badly.

Small Batches

The fashion industry is notorious for large amounts of overproduction and waste. This is harmful to us and the planet.

I make my jewelry in small batches and mostly to order, which limits overproduction and wastage. Pieces in our seasonal collections are one-of-a-kind, and everything in my shop is handmade.


Brigantine Jewelry operates out of a small apartment home in Los Angeles, CA. I operate no production facilities. I vet any manufacturers I work with to the highest standards.

Brigantine is a solo business. I have hopes to expand one day to become a larger business and when/if that happens, rigorous steps will be taken to make sure our future employees are taken care of.


Brigantine jewelry ships in biodegradable packaging.

Our jewelry boxes and velvet pouches are very sturdy and well-made, and should be used to store your jewelry.


I use pearls that are sourced ethically, directly from small pearl farmers. These pearls are AAA quality pearls with a thicker nacre coating, which come from longer pearl harvests, up to four years.

Oyster farms are extremely beneficial to their ecosystem as they filter the water, removing heavy metals and nitrogen and allowing for diverse animal and plant life to flourish. Pearl growth is significantly slowed in dirty or polluted waters, and therefore local waterways with pearl farms are well-maintained and cleaned regularly.


I try to limit the usage of mined stones and source vintage materials whenever possible. I purchase most of my gems from responsible jewelry council-certified companies.


If your Brigantine jewelry breaks, don't throw it away! Email/DM me and we can come up with a custom solution to fix your piece, or even salvage it to make a new one.